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"Rome wasn't built in a day!"

Day one. Picked up the game and played it for the first time ever today. Ikaruga is da bomb diggety shiggety SHIZNIT! I haven't been this excited about a Nintendo game since Zelda Ocarina of Time. All this reading about it on the net has really had me looking forward.

So I dive right in. Finished the trial mode in 3 or 4 tries, read that bad motivational speech and grinned.

I've been playing it all afternoon and evening. Now it's almost 3:30 AM. Whew.

I guess watching all those downloaded videos and reading up on all these tips is getting me off to a good start. It's like I knew what I was doing right off the bat.

With all the settings at default, I made it as far as the miniboss in 3-2. Chapter 3 is fun. And those moving, opening and closing barriers and those big fat beams as you're speeding down that corridor. Mad crazy. And you gotta love the way the action is timed to the music.

By tweaking the options for extra credits, lives, and extends, I managed to make it all the way to the beginning of the Misago merry-go-round.

In normal mode at default settings, my highest overall score is 1,410,110. In one run or another I think I got a B++ rank. This pre-owned game didn't come with a manual so I don't know the ranking system. What are the ranks? Is B+ or B++ a good one for a newcomer?

Anyway, I earned a Chapter 1 score of 1,272,550 with a max chain of 27. Not bad for a first timer, eh? Looks like the Champ has some good potential!
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