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Day seven.

Well, after logging in only 12 hours of game time in my first week of playing, the Champ has made some progress.

In normal mode, my new top score is 2609910. In chapter 1, I got a score of 1757290 with a max chain of 42. I've come very close to one-crediting the first 2 levels. And with 68 seconds left on the clock, Eboshidori is my bitch!

I've learned a little more about the game, and now I have a few more questions.

1. Is there some prologue or background story to the game & characters? I've opened up the first 2 galleries and see these characters, so I was just wondering.

2. While playing normal games, I noticed I was getting more and more credits. First 6 credits, then 7, then 9, Now it's a free play with infinite credits! (Tangent: I first realized this while playing a 2-player game with LordVagina. He sucks royally at this game, but no matter how many times he gets tooled, he kept coming back for more again and again until we beat the entire game!)
How's this happening?!

3. I watched several Dreamcast videos by RJpageuk at
One trick I see is that he fires ridiculous quantities of missiles, one huge salvo right after another. It looks like some kind of glitch. How could he have the energy for that? How does he do it? Can I do it in the GCN version?

4. The end boss of Chapter 4 is kickin' mah ayass. How do you guys beat it without using the trick above or blowing through 3 whole credits?

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1. Yes, Radiant Silvergun. ;-)
2. As your game time increases, more credits, galleries, and gameplay modes are unlocked. You can also earn them by being good at the game.
3. Which video and where is he doing it?
4. Shoot open its sides, and fly in. Rotate with it. When the lasers activate, change colors and continuously reflect back.
Other than some esoteric and aesthetic design elements, Radiant Silvergun does not have any related narrative ties to Ikaruga.

(although you're obviously eing tongue-in-cheek) :p
They are both centered around the Stone Like, and it's in this sense that Ikaruga is sometimes referred to as a "sequel" (though I don't think sequel is at all the right word for it).

They both have color-based chaining, but other than that, the gameplay seems wildly different. I also think they have almost totally different art direction. But visually, they share the psuedo playing field stuff that's also seen in Gigawing.
You totally know that the ending of Radiant Silvergun, with stone-like being buried, is the beginning of the history of Ikaruga.

;-) ;-) ;-)
1. (probably the best english language Ikaruga FAQ in existence, by a large margin)

2. FAQ. You get more credits as you log more hours in the game. This is also how you get the gallery pictures.

3. Actually, rjpageuk pretty much always plays the Gamecube version, and so far as I know, every one of his videos is from the Gamecube version. Anyway, the answer to your question is that this is "prototype mode," which you haven't unlocked yet. Play a few more hours and you'll get it.

4. Watch the normal mode replays, pretty much everyone does it the same basic way. When you get it down, it's absolutely a piece of cake compared to the chapter three boss. Take note of their color changing while opening the door, to make it open faster.
Ah hah! Great answers. Thank you much.