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Tragedy and comeback.

Day 64. It's been a bittersweet day.

So I was playing a few Easy Mode runs early today, and was breaking one Easy Mode record after another. I stopped playing, turned off the Gamecube, and came back to it a few hours later this afternoon and turned it on.

The Ikaruga game file was corrupt and cannot be read. All my data is gone. ARGH! I went into Gamecube's options interface and checked my memory card. There was a blank cube with no graphic taking up 4 blocks of memory, giving no options to move or copy; only to erase. Oh no. All proof of my playing and progress is gone, including my 20 million run. I gotta start over.

Now I'm pissed. So I go right to it and try to get my new file and scores back up to snuff. I did a Normal Mode run with a score of 16 milion. Then another where I one-credited the game for the second time ever, but it was only 19 million. So I go for one more run where I made it to the Stone-Like part where I got finished off. 21,245,960 points. A new record! But I passed two milestones there: I finally got my first S++ rank, and that was at chapter 4, no less. Wow! I got 188 chains on Chapter 4; not one single break the whole way! Now I rest content with a new ch-4 score of 6,276,300. It took me 85 hours, but I finally got my S++
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