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Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to discover that this community obviously exists. So how many of you might be active? I know this game is somewhat old(2002 is old, in the gaming society) but good games never die. If they did, people still wouldn't be playing Halo, they'd all be playing Halo 2(halo sucks btw, hi) and I wouldn't be playing half of the old shmups from mid-late 1990's.

My incredibly wonderful max chain is 42. Funny that, since if anybody's read the Hichhiker's Guide to Galaxy(I said read, not seen) they'd know that number is pretty decent. Still, in the Ikaruga world, it's pathetic. I've only clocked in roughly about 2.8 hours, but I've seen probably twice that amount in videos(which somewhat helped, especially for timing in 3 and 4).

I'd also be interested in knowing what you guys play aside from this. I'd also like to know what version of Ika you own - US GC, PAL GC, or obviously the better JAP DC versions.

I've managed to find some information on a new Shikigami. It's not a shmup, though.

Has anybody visited http://nanayoduki.com/ before? If you know what Shikigami no Shiro II is, you'll know that those characters are from the game. They're making an adventure game for it, which probably won't come outside of japan, but who knows(gamecube gets ikaruga, so miracles do happen).
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