Ian Keith (iankeith) wrote in ikaruga,
Ian Keith


Hullo folks, I'm Ian, and I'm an Ikaruga addict. :(

Owate that's a good thing. Either way, yeah. I've been playing Iky for a month or so now -- only like...17 hours logged/saved on my card, but I guess my progress is pretty good for that. With lots of help from the friendly folk at http://www.ikaruga.co.uk/ and the #ikaruga IRC channel on I forget what server, I've already managed almost 6 million on Arcade mode... 5.655.440 is my score to beat. I can do pretty well on both chapters 1 and 2, able to consistently get 80+ chain for each...but yeah, once I get past chapter 2, things get ugly. Surviving chapter 3 on one credit is something I just can't do. Between the tanks, Shigi, and that big donut of doom, I'll eat up another good six or seven lives at times. @_@ And I can even chain Shigi. I just can't survive him. :|

So, uh, hi. I'll let all the folk here know how a noob improves over time. I keep hitting walls, then bumping past...for example, my score-walls right now are surviving chapter three, and my inexplicable inability to keep a chain in chapter 2. If I could just not break chain, I'd easily be over 100c...
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