Wanpaku Graffiti (karoshi) wrote in ikaruga,
Wanpaku Graffiti


So tuesday night is TV party night with my friends because of 24, and usually afterwards the house host puts it on G4 because it's neutral and can be on in the background while we start our ritualistic post-24 shenanigans and goings on. Tommy Tallarico is on at the E3 spouting off about what makes good games.
How the fuck did this guy become a respected member of the gaming industry?
Besides the fact that all of his game compositions sound like mid 90's porno music (and I get to say that as a classically trained musician/professional DJ/former music teacher/producer),
he has got to have the most egalitarian taste in games I've ever witnessed.

Anyway, I'd like to see his acquitted-date-rapist-looking-ass play Ikaruga.
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