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Chapter 2 Randomness

My passing to Normal Mode didn't go without bumps unfortunately, and even if I managed to survive my first credit up to Chapter 3, I lack a bit in the chain department. I found a good pattern in Chapter 1, practiced it and so far I get B+ rank if I'm daring enough - I just need s'more fluidity, which will be brought on with practice. However, Chapter 2 poses a bit of a problem...

So I get to meet a few of those round balls at the beginning. Not bad, easy chains. However, the jetplane swarm baffles me. I can't seem to find any pattern whatsoever in there to allow me to chain up. I can't just leave them be, as I risk bumping into one of them. On the other side, I don't want to break my chain... I went to find some inspiration by watching a video on Ikaruga Replays, but the player there seems pretty much as random as I am!

So that leaves me with two goals: Number one, rack up some chains during the jetplane swarm. Number two, survive the maneuver. How should I tackle this puzzle?
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